The Green Dragon Smoothie

I thought it was fitting to start with a delicious green smoothie recipe because they are how I start my day, everyday. This one is particularly interesting, incorporating Dragonfruit and Lime – a bit exotic. These are SO good for you, I can’t stress enough how much we all need to eat more GREEN leafy vegies in our diets. When they can get past the green, kids LOVE them because they’re just like a fruit smoothie. I seriously recommend reading the book Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko, or doing some reading on The Raw Family (which is her and her family), and joining the Green Smoothie Revolution which is taking the world by storm. There as loads of recipes available online to get you inspired. You’ll need a good blender as you need to get into the cells of the greens you process in order to give your body the best chance at getting all the nutrients. Or if you have a cheaper one (like I started with), just be mindful not to burn the motor out as it will take 5 mins longer turning it off and waiting 30 secs to 1 minute in between blending and pulsing..this comes from experience, but the result is SO worth it. The preparation time is no different to making toast with toppings/ regular breakfast. Here are the details for one of my yummy creations.

Green Smoothie with Dragonfruit etc.

The Green Dragon

1 Dragonfruit (inside flesh scooped out with spoon)

2 Red Apples

1 ripe Banana

wedge of lime (with skin)

5 Mint leaves

3 Kale leaves

2 handfuls of Baby Spinach leaves

2 cups Filtered Water

Blend all until there are no green chunks at all, and it looks gelatinous. Pour into a tall glass and drink immediately, or into a glass jar to keep in fridge for later on in the day. ENJOY!!!

Side note: Try not to eat anything else 40 mins to an hour after you’ve finished drinking it. Everyone needs water so that is fine.

Get creative and make up your own! The simpler the better I find.