Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010

I recently had the opportunity to go to Sydney for a job at Australian Fashion Week.

It was 5 days as a display model in the Emerge Showcase (an exhibition type affair at one of the main venues), for an Upmarket Bridal Shoe company called Xiomara Australia. The client also needed some photoshoots done on two of the days for her catalogue of gowns coming soon, so this photo is a team shot after our last shoot. We definitely got some attention those days. Me wandering in and around some of the sites of Sydney all done up in a VERY brightly coloured flamboyant dress, and an entourage of 6 other people.

What an experience the week was! From Marie Antoinette-Parisian elegance to Goldie Hawn in a Giant Champagne Glass for Playboy, it was a lot of fun.

The RAFW Xiomara Team

This was the team I worked with all week, minus a 3-4 other extremely lovely people, a couple had to mind the stand upstairs while we were shooting around Sydney on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Left to right is Marcus Lim our Photographer, Terrence & Eileen from Xiomara, Me, and Amber Elayne (our Makeup Artist).

Each day was a different theme & look – with a different piece of furniture, outfit, hair and makeup. Loads of Paparazzi taking my photo each day, and everyone and anyone that came to see a show in the main building of the Overseas Passenger Terminal, including celebrities, saw me. Well and truly ON DISPLAY.. it was very funny and GREAT exposure for the client. I made local and national news segments on two of the days. Mostly I was just sitting in strange positions (that look comfortable, but a lot of the time I was comfortable), looking over the Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour – Hard life. My yoga came in very handy, and I got lots of comments. See photos of each day in this post.

I was very fortunate that my client found me on Facebook. While I haven’t really been putting myself out there of late, in my personal break to work on my product (me), it’s very fulfilling to know I’m on track. It just proves how powerful social media is these days. Obviously the more you use it and the more you network the better it is for exposure, especially as a model. Every bit helps when you’re making a break into the industry.

Being my first week away after my drastic change in diet and exercise regime I was a little worried about what I was going to eat and how to get my exercise while down there. So I did a fair bit of research and deliberation on places to eat and where to stay (that part was a bit hard due to booking 1 week out). I took my noisy old blender to use in my hotel room for my green smoothies in the morning, as almost every hotel room has a fridge, I made sure mine did. So I did yoga for an hour every morning and had my green smoothie afterwards. They were SO good! I couldn’t have survived the week without them. I even gave my makeup artist a glass for some of the day (some days I was finished before she got there), as we did the prep work in my hotel room each of the 5 days. I also got her into Organic Raw Chocolate and Cacao Nibs, and a couple other raw treats I had brought along. I really opened up her eyes. Very cool.  I stayed close to Chinatown and found a great asian grocer so bought my fruit and greens from there (yes I had asian greens all week, except Friday). Recommend trying asian leafy greens for your Green Smoothie.

I didn’t get a lot of time for lunch or many breaks so I took along some organic dried fruit and nuts for the days to munch on, a couple of Lara Bars and Soya Fruit and Nut Bars from the Healthfood store. Also drank lots of water!!

Aside from the working week, I did get to achieve a separate goal that week. I got to see two great runway shows. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen loads of shows, and participated in more but there’s something different about a show at Fashion Week. It was very exciting at first, even being fortunate enough to take home goodie bags from sitting in the first 3 rows. Then after the anticipation of the start of each show with the music and light work, it felt at home when the models came out. OF COURSE I wanted more than anything to be in their shoes (no pun intended.. haha), but I knew that I will get there very soon.
Check out the Ten News website as I made a short appearance in the story for the final day of Fashion Week –

It’s always inspiring and encouraging doing what you love, and being surrounded by it. Working at RAFW 2010 was such a great experience, and exposure for me. It’s really pushed my determination a little further to get to the right place.

I’ll finish on a quote from Dr John Demartini that I find helpful to stay on track, maybe it might resonate in some way with you..

“Clearly define what you would love to do in your life. Don’t edit your dreams. If you have a clear roadmap it’s much easier to get somewhere. You’re energy soars when you’re clear on your aim and direction.”

RAFW Day 1 – Xiomara
RAFW Day 1 - Hannah Ubl for Xiomara

RAFW Days 1 & 2 – Hannah Ubl for Xiomara Australia wearing Xiomara Gown and Shoes
RAFW Day 3 - Hannah Ubl wearing Xiomara Shoes
RAFW Day 3 - Hannah Ubl for Xiomara Australia wearing Xiomara Shoes - The Bathtub look, grabbing some attention
RAFW Day 4 - Hannah Ubl for Xiomara Australia in Xiomara Shoes - The Champagne Glass look (drawing on Goldie Hawn for Playboy)
RAFW Day 4 - Hannah Ubl for Xiomara Australia wearing Xiomara Shoes - The Champagne Glass look (aka Goldie Hawn for Playboy)
RAFW Day 5 - Hannah Ubl for Xiomara Australia - The Live Lookbook
RAFW Day 5 - Hannah Ubl for Xiomara Australia - The Live Lookbook, wearing Xiomara Shoes
RAFW Day 5 - Hannah Ubl For Xiomara Australia wearing Xiomara Shoes - The Live Lookbook