Melbourne – home town, Organic Tahini, Cheezy Parsnip Linguine + MORE!

As I sit and eat my delicious raw Biryani in my new place in Melbourne, I write this long overdue update, clad with custom trackies and boyfriend flanno – true Melbourne style.

Well! What an busy past month I’ve had. Packed the car until almost bursting point to move to Melbourne’s lovely St Kilda. I actually really enjoyed the very long, enduring drive down the east coast stretch of Australia, which is known for it’s fatal accidents and tired drivers.

One Very Full Ute
The Melbourne Drive, my turn

Why would you move to Melbourne in winter!?, I can hear you say. Well, personally I’ve done worse in London, so anything Melbourne throws at me, I think I can handle. But, it was a career move and not for the weather. It was time to leave the coast, and pursue the modeling career once again.

I’m ‘trialling’, I suppose you could say,  with a really great boutique agency here in Melbournetown, called Giant Management. Getting some catwalk work and happy that they seem very enthusiastic about me. Feels good to be going to castings again, along with good competition.

Like any budding model’s life, there has to be something flexible to fall back on and this time I chose private contractor work with a few promotional companies. I can pick and choose the work I do, so I can be freely available for modeling. In the past few weeks I’ve hosted at some high profile-ish events including the launch of the new Channel 10 series, Offspring – Angus & Juila Stone played there 🙂 🙂 – and also the St Kilda FC Hall of Fame with over 1000 guests. It’s helping me find my way around the city and getting to know places, which is important.  I’m loving living in a city again, particularly one where you have the choice, any night of the week, to venture out and explore something exciting and cultural.

Moving on from city talk, it still never ceases to amaze me how some discipline, a high raw food living lifestyle and exercise helped me get from a 43″ hip to a now 36″!!!!!!!!!! Pretty incredible. Living proof that hard work, research and some kitchen savvy can seriously pay off!

With food on the brain (as usual), I’ve really been enjoying Organic Tahini lately. The hulled kind, unhulled is a little stronger in flavour. I’ve nearly been putting it in almost everything, or just eating a spoonful of it on it’s own, or mixed with a little honey – OMG, a must try! It has to be the organic kind though, it’s not expensive, if anything it’s a similar price to it’s commercialised brands of a very B & C grade quality. Another MUST try is the Loving Earth Raw Brazil Nut Butter, if you can find it. Pictures are below. For me it really is so handy having a raw nut butter lying around, when in Australia they seems so hard to come by, unless you make them yourself. But who can be bothered ALL the time!??

Loving Earth Brazil Nut Butter

Below I have some recipes I’ve been toying with over the past month that I’m in love with, and think you’ll really enjoy too. You may notice a common theme in most – Tahini 🙂

I always like to start with a green smoothie, how I start my day, everyday. This one tastes almost like a Lemon Meringue dessert it’s so yummy. My favourite of all so far I think.

…or in this case a Green Smoothie!!

Lemon Delicious Green Smoothie

– 1 cup of fresh Lemon Juice (or less if you don’t like it as tart)

– 2 Bananas

– 3-4 fresh Medjool dates, pitted (can use dried pitted dates instead)

– 2 BIG handfuls of fresh green leaves/ or 6-8 large leaves Cos Lettuce

– 1 cup water

Blend fruit first with water. Then add greens, and continue until smooth & creamy.

Makes a bit over 1 Litre, you’ll want to drink all to yourself.


Fennel is so nice and fresh at the moment, being a winter veg. go out and get a bulb, you won’t regret it!

Fresh Fennel Bulb

Raw Fennel Italian Insalate

– Two handfuls Baby Spinach Leaves

– 3/4 cup Sliced Fennel Bulb (or more), + a little of the greens

– 1/4 cup fresh peas (shelled green) – DON’T substitute with frozen, you’ll regret it.

– 1 & 1/2 – 2 tbsp Red Onion, finely chopped

– zest of 1/2 Navel Orange, + juice from 4cm wedge

– 1/3 cup Watercress, chopped + stems

– 1 tbsp Loving Earth Raw Pecan Butter

– 1 tbsp Organic hulled Tahini

– 2 tbsp Sunflower Kernels

– 1/2 tbsp Braggs Amino Acid

– Generous Pinch Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt, + Pepper

– Good drizzle EVOO

– Garnish with Crunchy Spirulina


Place all ingredients except garnish in a large bowl, and toss to combine really well. Serve on a nice serving plate, and sprinkle with Crunchy Spirulina on top.

Serves 2, or a generous 1 🙂


Since buying a Spiraliser (which are so much fun, by the way), I initially only used it for zucchinis to make raw pasta. Zucchini does make a really great wheat free, living substitute due to it’s buttery pasta like texture and mild flavour, BUT I discovered parsnip!

Fresh Parsnips

This cheezy, golden dish is just as yummy, and so quick. If you haven’t already, try a variation on your raw pasta using Parsnip… mmm!  My favourite is served on wilted greens, either with or without a homemade raw nut cheeze sauce.

Cheezy Parsnip Linguine, on wilted kale with cashew cheeze.

Cheezy Parsnip Linguine

– 1 Large Parsnip, Spiralised quite thin to a linguine thickness

– 1 tbsp fresh Thyme Leaves (stalks removed)

– 3 tbsp Flaxseed Oil

– 1 tbsp raw Brazil Nut Butter

– 1 1/2 tbsp Organic hulled Tahini

– 3 tbsp (or more 🙂 ) Nutritional Yeast

– 1 large Garlic clove, or 2-3 smaller ones, crushed

– Pinch Maldon Smoked Sea Salt

– Fresh ground Pepper

– Garnish with handful raw Pine Nuts (or can toss in)

Toss all ingredients except garnish in a large bowl until very well combined, and golden.
Place whole bowl in dehydrator for half an hour, or oven at very low temp with door ajar for about 15-20 mins. You just want to warm a little and have it wilt slightly.
Serve on a bed of shredded wilted greens, for example shredded Kale, parsley, sundried toms, Lemon juice, Braggs, Lemon Infused EVOO.  Top dish with Pine nuts & a little more seasoning! ENJOY!

Serves 2 for mains, or 4 for starters.


Seeing that I told you about my recent obsession with Organic Tahini, I’ve decided to share an uber easy recipe for Raw Halva I found on on Youtube. The quantities don’t matter for this.. 2 ingredients, and you can’t go wrong! Throw in tiny bit of vanilla & some Pistachios for added traditionality, or a tiny bit of cacao powder. Doesn’t need much to make a 2 minute easy dessert though.


So yummy… onto dessert, below.
This serves 1.

Raw Halva in 2 minutes

3 tbsp Organic hulled Tahini

1 tsp raw Honey

In a small ramekin or tea cup, mix the two ingredients until well combined. You’ll notice the texture change. EAT IT!

For more than one serving, play with the quantities!


Until next time, have fun creating in the kitchen, drink lots of water and eat more greens. Believe in yourself and your ability to conquer great things. Anything is possible when you’re clear on your vision.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen UBL says:

    Wow Wow Wow these recipies look great…I will definately be preparing these. Made your almond nut mylk and buck wheat grouts dessert with strawberries last night… OMG

  2. Diane Priestley says:

    Fabulous blog Hannah,
    Congratulations! I am so impressed and inspired by your self discipline and dedication to super healthy foods. I am currently on a detox so totally get it (at last!)
    Also impressed by your determination with your career. You WILL succeed in all your goals with your kind of focus and drive. Talking of drive, wow, what a marathon down the coast to Melbourne! Glad to hear you are enjoying the cultural lifestyle of the city.
    Wishing you great success, fun, love, super health and blessings!

  3. Emma says:

    Hannie! These look truly fabulous! Definately going to give them a try also.. who can resist after seeing such photos. You most definately are an inspiration.. Going from a 43″ to a 36″ .. WOW! Go girl!

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