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Hi all! I really wanted to share with you a new venture that my friends at Vegan Era are doing! (

Firstly, Vegan Era provide a dedicated portal for all things Vegan. They bring the latest news and information on everything that concerns us and the planet.  From the latest headlines around the world, to the most amazing cooking/ uncooking recipes. Vegan Era is here to help the humanity issue in a new era that connects all sentient beings together. The CREW at Vegan Era are committed in helping all our wonderful friends transition to the Earth and Animal Saving diet. It’s a very cool thing they’re providing for us Vegans. I can’t recommend enough signing up to their VeganEra E-News, at the very least. They also have created a very popular Vegan Card which is deemed the ‘Gateway to Your Vegan World’, which basically gives the cardholder discounts at a myriad of different businesses, as well as online discounts.

I’ve been in touch with David, one of the founders of Vegan Era about their latest endeavour, ‘Reclaim Your Health’.
It’s an e-book aimed at providing awareness towards the important benefits of leading a plant-based lifestyle free of processed foods, harmful chemicals etc.
Reclaim Your Health E-book Cover
David told me the inspiration for the book came from various factors- though the most important issue that Vegan Era have noticed recently is the lack of information about the benefits of leading a veggie diet in hospitals and support for people going through Cancer. His partner and co-founder of Vegan Era, Mandy was diagnosed with cancer at the start of last year. For that period, they did LOTS of research and spent a lot of time in digging deep into the nutrition side of healing. Throughout this process, they were doing all that we could to avoid going down the mainstream path of the harsh treatment. This was until one Friday night in June when Mandy was rushed into emergency, and without the treatment that she then and has since received from hospitals, it was very likely she would have been been in a wheel chair.
The beginning of e-book shares insightful information about their journey and how they were overwhelmed with the lack of nutrition support in the hospitals. Even the so called nutritionists at their hospital not even knowing what a Vegan is!!!!!!
It really effected me. It made me even more passionate about being a Vegan and getting the word out that it’s so important to only feed your ‘amazing house’ (body) what it needs, and listen to your body.
You need to read this e-book. It shares incredibly invaluable information and tips on not only leading a veggie lifestyle but achieving optimum health. “Taking control of your life, and ensuring you keep your body in optimum condition.”
Detailing just a few tips (I don’t want to ruin it for you), such as:
* ‘Breathe’ – in our busy lives it’s so easy to just keep going and going, and not stop to breathe, relax and recharge.
* Eating for alkalinity – ‘Your body is similar to a swimming pool’, in terms of the PH levels, and the book lists loads of Alkaline/ Acid forming foods.
* ‘Be Loosey Goosey’ – Respecting, being gentle, and listening to your body’s needs and being flexible with that – DO what your body is telling you!
* The importance of Yoga and gentle physical exercise – did you know that scientists have identified that 1 hour of a relaxing yoga class provides the same amount of oxygen to the body as if you had just run for 3 hours.
* ‘Our bodies are like cars, they perform best when you look after it’ – if you keep putting in garbage, it will break down and never work.
You’ll gain so much from this read. It’s so helpful to have first hand information such as this available for everyone to understand not only how to heal the body with simple guidelines and an alkalizing living food lifestyle, but gain the most out of your life and your body through respecting it.

Check it out.

Download it for FREE at –

Ohh! While you’re there get one of their absolutely beautiful Bamboo T-shirts.
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It’s such a nice quality, and completely support fairtrade, sustainable clothing that’s eco-friendly!
Vegan Era, Bamboo Peace T-Shirt
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