Today’s Raw Lunch = Beetroot & Orange Cabbage Wrap

I’m having the best day!
First of all my Sister had another baby girl this morning – Sienna. I love, love, love being an Aunty to Paige (who’s 3 1/2 y-o), and I’m sure this one will be just as much fun. Second, I got booked for a really good ongoing model job. Will update, when I’m able to say.

Life is great! Particularly after a good workout at the gym.
So a raw lunch is on the menu! All organic, and delicious.

As featured by Sarah on Crazy Raw in her Raw Vegan Meal Plan #1 :

raw vegan meal plan #1


Orange & Beetroot Wraps

I layered:

• A big cabbage leaf
• Handful of rocket
• Sugarsnap peas
• Chopped Orange
• Little bit chopped Red Onion
• Beetroot Meat puree (I blended yesterday: raw beet bulb, garlic, red onion, few cashews, lemon zest, biryani spice mix, cumin, little Braggs, little olive oil, S & P)
• Fresh Basil
• Little Flax Oil
Sprouts would be amazing at this point but I don’t have any today.
Wrap and eat!

Guilt-free, Gluten & Wheat free, Sugar Free, Vegan, Fresh & Amazing. Any critic or sceptic would be pleasantly surprised with this for a meal.


I have an insightful quote today:

“A fulfilling life is one spent being the player of the game, and not a chess piece.”