Today’s Raw Lunch = Beetroot & Orange Cabbage Wrap

I’m having the best day!
First of all my Sister had another baby girl this morning – Sienna. I love, love, love being an Aunty to Paige (who’s 3 1/2 y-o), and I’m sure this one will be just as much fun. Second, I got booked for a really good ongoing model job. Will update, when I’m able to say.

Life is great! Particularly after a good workout at the gym.
So a raw lunch is on the menu! All organic, and delicious.

As featured by Sarah on Crazy Raw in her Raw Vegan Meal Plan #1 :


Orange & Beetroot Wraps

I layered:

• A big cabbage leaf
• Handful of rocket
• Sugarsnap peas
• Chopped Orange
• Little bit chopped Red Onion
• Beetroot Meat puree (I blended yesterday: raw beet bulb, garlic, red onion, few cashews, lemon zest, biryani spice mix, cumin, little Braggs, little olive oil, S & P)
• Fresh Basil
• Little Flax Oil
Sprouts would be amazing at this point but I don’t have any today.
Wrap and eat!

Guilt-free, Gluten & Wheat free, Sugar Free, Vegan, Fresh & Amazing. Any critic or sceptic would be pleasantly surprised with this for a meal.


I have an insightful quote today:

“A fulfilling life is one spent being the player of the game, and not a chess piece.”

3 Comments Add yours

  1. thaoski says:

    You sound so amazing and happy. Absolutely glowing!!!! Can’t wait to hear more about the modeling job and stick some pics up of your new baby niece. Looking forward to seeing more updates!

  2. cheyney says:

    can i just say….. this is so cool!!!!!!
    love cheyney x

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