Modeling in Melbourne, Raw Dinners & Model Friends

It’s been a super busy start to the year with model jobs and event work. I’ve been flat out! Everything from Kids Activities and L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, to the Grand Prix and MAC Bodypainting. It’s great but getting the time for myself has been a challenge. My partner is always reminding me to take some time and money to enjoy life, instead of just being a little mouse on a running wheel, and getting by with daily obligations.

Check more of the Salon Melbourne Runway Show photos, on and off stage on the WINK Agency’s Facebook page:

So one of the things I’ve been doing to reward myself occasionally is frequenting a local vegan cafe, Monk Bodhi Darma, with my model girlfriends. Monk are known in the area for their coffee and have an incredible vegan menu during the day, but are open for dinner on Friday nights only, serving a Raw Cuisine!! OMG is an understatement. I’ve been going with my model girlfriends, who are also interested in healthy eating.

It’s amazing just how many models I’ve come across in Melbourne who are really conscious about healthy eating, and enjoying a Living Food or Wholefood lifestyle. Conscious eating is so important in this industry, because when it comes to being a model, your body is your product, YOU are your business. You wouldn’t change a vital part of a product that you’d advertised because when it would come to time of purchase, it wouldn’t be what was advertised. For example, imagine your sizing up your room for a piece of furniture, and go to buy it and it’s too small / too big and won’t adequately fill / fit the space. In a silly and fickle industry filled with so many issues around maintaining the youthful, waif-like model physique, it’s a full-time job looking after yourself. So why not only eat what your body needs to thrive, and WATCH YOUR EXCESS WEIGHT FALL OFF YOU?! A few years ago I never had to worry about my weight, or maintaining measurements. I used to eat whatever I wanted, and had an insatiable sweet tooth. Chips (crisps, or deep fried), processed chocolates, lots of complex carbs and complex proteins, ridiculously sugary desserts, almost everyday! AND frequently eating some of these late at night. In saying that, I almost never ate at the fast food giants, did eat a LOT of homemade, and loved my vegies and salads anyway. But this is the difference between being what’s deemed as moderately “healthy” by marketing on tv (what the majority of western society are TOLD is ‘healthy’)… and BEING your optimum, always having energy, and almost NEVER getting sick. On my path of maturing, my metabolism started slowing at around 22y-o, and I put on a bunch (12-14kgs) of weight eating this way. That’s expensive for your book, and your career when that happens as a model. So something drastic had to be done and fast. That’s how I discovered a way to live a long time, look & be my optimum, enjoy life and food in a way so much better than before AND get rid of my awful hormonal moodswings, whilst being able to maintain requirements for my product in the way of measurements. A Living Food lifestyle is the answer.

In keeping with the modelling flow, the last few months I’ve been realising that it’s difficult for me to earn a good income modelling in Melbourne, and might need to move elsewhere. I love Melbourne and have some great friends and family-friends here, but my age is kicking on, and the years are passing more and more quickly. These are my years now from 25 onwards that I need to start laying the framework for the future. In such an unstable industry, I feel I’ve progressed my career to a point where I feel I can really take it much further. So after the feedback I recently got from all of the top Melbourne agencies, I’ve been doing some testing (photoshoots) to build my portfolio a little to work in stronger markets. I thought I’d share a few of these pics so you can have a little sneaky at what I’ve been up to.



I meet lots of people everyday in my work, and I get lots of questions when it arises in conversation that I eat differently to most. I know what it’s like when we’re busy with work, and how eating can become just for convenience which is how most people I meet eat. When people think about eat healthy, they think salads, but salads can get boring, or be boring for some. So I’ve got an easy list below with some suggestions on things you can incorporate in your eating instead of the breads, and heavy processed packaged goods to help include some more living foods in your day and make your salads more exciting… and in turn helping you feel and look better! Who wouldn’t want that!

5 easy tips to making your salads a little more exciting, and a little better for you.

  • Pulsing your salad/ vegies in a food processor to a finer consistency
  • Stuffing a big MUSHROOM with your creation
  • Stuffing half a CAPSICUM with your creation – slice in half lengthways and fill
  • Using a big GREEN LEAF as a wrap – fill with your creation, roll up and eat!
  • Using a NORI WRAPPERS as a wrap – use just like you would your bread wraps found in the supermarket. Seaweeds are one food group most people don’t eat often enough, and are so important to incorporate in our lives.


My new favourite Green Smoothie discovery is an AMAZINGly creamy one!! I included a probiotic capsule because from the research I’ve done, I know a probiotic is really good at resetting everything in the body. They’re a powerful anti-fungal for the body, particularly in the digestive tract, helping to enhance our body cell’s response to any internal attack on the body, and helps you sleep better. Use your own combination of Green leaves, if you don’t have these in the fridge. I’m a big fan of using what you have in the fridge at home.

The Green Banana Poppyseed Kream

  • 1 Frozen Banana, chopped
  • 1 & 1/2 cups Young Coconut water
  • 1/2-1/3 cup Young Coconut flesh
  • 1 Probiotic capsule, opened, or teaspoon of probiotic powder
  • 2 big handfuls Baby Spinach
  • 1 packed cup Silverbeet, Leaves only
  • 1 Tbsp Black Poppyseeds

Blend in a high speed blender until creamy and green.

Savour as you drink!! Yum!


Lastly, I want to reinforce that we’re all amazing the way we are. It’s important to remember that we’re all equals. No-one is better or less of a person than you are. Sure we can all do things to better our health, and our world around us, but do the best you can in your own situation.

I’ve always found Makeup a really silly thing. To need to paint our faces to make ourselves look more like a doll or perfect creature (that no-one is by the way), seems a fairly crazy… particularly when the products are made up of goodness knows what chemicals. It’s so easy to get caught in the hype of modern marketing of the newest products. I’m always searching for products that are less harmful to our bodies, and when I get a day off work, I usually try my best to always give my skin a rest. There’s SO many ladies I meet that feel they’re not themselves without makeup EVERY SINGLE DAY… It’s so important to give your skin a rest.

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  1. Helen Ubl says:

    Love your journey X

  2. Hey Han, great post! I want to give that smoothie a go, can you tell me where I can get the young coconut flesh, and does it come as a whole coconut? It’s a bit intimidating hehe 🙂 thanks lovely xoxo

  3. Hey Han, great post! I want to give that green smoothie a go, just wondering where I can source young coconut flesh from up here and does it come as a whole coconut? It’s a bit intimidating hehe 🙂 Love Karlie xox

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