Singapore, Singapore, Raw Singapore!

What an opportunity it is to travel the world and explore new places as a model. I feel truly grateful for the life that I live.

This year I will have spent 4 months in the beautiful Singapore. As I write this I’m on my second modelling contract working here.

I’ve got to meet some incredible people in my journey to exploring and living here, and clients really like me!

For models starting out, going overseas is a the best and quickest way to gain experience and LOTS of pictures, and magazine tears. The first trip is always a big decision, but what you gain is invaluable not just for your career but in life experience. It can be very challenging, and you learn a lot about yourself, and gain an abundance of patience.. not forgetting to mention learning how to live in a house chock-full of other young models, that may not be respectful and clean up after themselves. I recommend getting a backpack to lug around your high heels, book and water while you’re out and about everyday at jobs, casting etc. A backpack is a better way to distribute the heavy weight of it all, and so much better for your back in the long run. They don’t all have to be tacky, see mine below, I think it’s pretty trendy. Models get to do a lot of cool, fun stuff for free whilst away though, and you make some very close friends with other models, and people you meet along the journey. In Singapore this year I’ve had the opportunity to work with John Travolta in a Breitling Watch show, and the other day worked with Tiesto in a show for Guess.  Just a couple of things that spring to mind from the past couple of months. I really appreciate my life and all it offers me, the constant lessons and opportunities.

Model’s Backpack – see they don’t have to be ugly just to distribute the weight correctly.
Singapore JewelFest 2012 – Royale Show, jewels by Zydo Italy (a million dollar diamond necklace)
Hair Advert Shoot – Salon B, Singapore
Imagine 2-3 of these rails, shoot all items in 4 hours. Editor’s Market Lookbook Job
Behind the scenes – Cleo Magazine Editorial
Shoes at Marc Jacobs in-store showing
Cover of Urban, Singapore wearing Louis Vuitton

One of the main things everyone talks about when Singapore comes up in conversation is the array of food… and oh, wow, they aren’t lying.  Being a very conscious wholefood vegan, with a huge emphasis on raw food, can cause some difficulties in some countries or places I travel.. but Singapore has it down pat! From fresh juices almost everywhere, to Raw food cafes (yes plural), a WIDE choice of vegan/vegetarian restaurants of many types of cuisine, and two different companies that sell green smoothies with stores all around the place.. I’m in food heaven! I think in 3 months here, I’ve frequented ALL the healthy food haunts in Singapore, only to keep discovering new ones every week.

Thunder Tea Rice @ Lau Pa Sat with Brown Rice – mix the green tea in the main bowl, combine all together and eat! YUM!

Raw Blueberry Cheezecake, Balanced Living Cafe
Yes! Finally! A Vegan Icecreamery Store! Sadly not the world-over just yet, but in Singapore!

I do still make a large chunk of my own meals at home and I’ve been fine tuning my gourmet skills with my friend who loves taking professional photos of food! Stay tuned for some of our handywork and a few recipes!!

Aside from food, I feel I’m at a time in my life where I’m on a real spiritual journey, discovering myself, and getting focused on where I see my life heading. I read my Aura yesterday, and what an amazing experience Kirlian photography is, and to be able to see your own aura. See below for what mine looked like, and the report was spot on, in a definite phase of healing, and spiritual discovery.


Affirmation:  My outlook on life is unlimited – Deepak Chopra

i have no limits – i am limitless. i decide what i want from life and everything i want is available to me. I believe in me and magic happens.

Me in Singapore dressed on the way to National Day parade celebrations in Red & White National colours
Aura Reading – In a phase of healing.

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  1. myinsolence says:

    where are you from originally? how did you get started modeling overseas?

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