Gotta Love Mondays!

Monday Morning Green Juice & Morning Tea Mohito Mousse Cake

Monday Morning Green Juice & Morning Tea Mohito Mousse Cake


Over the past few weeks I haven’t been able to get much quiet time for myself. It’s been busy with modelling jobs, castings & auditions and the raw cafe I work at, Earth to Table.

I make sure I at least get my 20 mins in the morning before starting my days and am fortunate enough to get a spa (jacuzzi) or sauna in one night a week, but sometimes that’s just not enough.
As I’m consciously aware I’m easily prone to adrenal fatigue and I wouldn’t function the way I do when my work load gets busy without the high raw vegan eating lifestyle I choose to maintain, which most definitely includes medicinal teas each morning to nurse my adrenal glands.

All that said it’s important to get in tune with your body, and listen when it says you need down time.

I absolutely love when I don’t have anywhere to be, anyone to see, my phone isn’t ringing, and nothing to do but what ‘I’ please – catch up on me time and be a lady of leisure so-to-speak (tongue in cheek if course).
Most often that involves reading, long walks, runs, yoga, meditation, anything waterside, brainstorming, vision boards, emails, research, blogging, all the prep that comes with being a model (waxing, mani/pedis etc), and of course creating delicious food!

I really enjoy having Mondays or Tuesdays when possible to myself to reconnect and recharge while the majority of the city is at work from 9-5, everything’s so quiet. Bonus!

I hope you endeavour to listen to your body when it says it’s time for a break as a means to avoid getting burnt out.
Yes we all get busy and need to take the income (work) when it arises and the body does adapt but take this as a gentle reminder to show a little care for your itty bitty adrenals and take a time-out when your body says so.
Do something for you.


I treasure my body. I take time out to nurture it and give it what it needs.