Meet My Friends! Olivia Arezzolo…

Continuing along with introducing my health-conscious model friends to my readers… this is another amazing Australian Model making waves in the industry. We’re on a similar journey in bringing awareness and understanding to the public and young models about what is it models do to look the way we do. She’s not only on the final leg of her Psychology degree but continues to land great clients consistently, and is now signed with IMG Australia.

Olivia & I sat down over a juice in the popular Le Paris Go Cafe in Bondi on a warm, sunny afternoon, and chatted a bit about her health journey.

Olivia ArezzoloOlivia Arezzolo1

Meet Olivia Arezzolo

Olivia grew up in the small Victorian country town of Sale – Population around 14,000. There wasn’t much else to do there so she and her brother were very into sport from a young age. Basketball, Gymnastics, Dancing, Netball were a few.

She has a Norwegian Mother and Italian Father, and growing up ate a very standard diet. In her words, “nothing overly healthy, not organic, not natural. I used to eat a lot of sandwiches, Tim Tams, and had a weakness for Chocolate Frogs.”

When she was about 15, her family moved to Melbourne and she noticed herself starting to put on a lot of weight and working in a pizza shop (eating pizza 3 times per week) was only helping it along.  So at about 16 started going to the gym and learning about what foods were more beneficial to eat, and what worked for her body.

She’s been modelling for the past 4 years, and work opportunities prompted a move to Sydney in that time. She’s grown a real career out of it with some really big clients. We’ve worked together on many runway shows, and always had some good chats backstage.

While we were sipping away on our juices in Bondi, we discussed some of her highlights in her years modelling. Things she mentioned were a 2 month contract in Korea, being flown to Bali for a direct booking, landing a big campaign for Fernwood Fitness Clubs, and shooting a cover for Australian Lifestyle Magazine in central Australia. This cover shoot was one of her major milestones in being able to watch the sunrise over the desert, something the majority of all Australians never get to experience.

For all booking enquiries, contact IMG Australia, and have a little squiz at Olivia’s portfolio here.

As mentioned Olivia is in her final year of her Batchelor of Psychology which she finishes later this year but has a real passion for health and fitness. She’s truly passionate about teaching people to care for their bodies better, and in time sees a beautiful pathway linking the two in the health and wellness community.

She’d like it to help give young models an understanding of what to do instead of starving themselves, and also to have a useful tool for anyone who doesn’t have an understanding of wellness, and complain of lack of energy, bad skin, overweight etc etc. So watch this space.

She wanted to share one of her favourite smoothie recipes, perfect for post workout, or for breakfast. *NOTE: Non- Vegan* but super duper packed full of good stuff.


Olivia's Ultimate Green Smoothie
Olivia’s Ultimate Green Smoothie

*Olivia’s Ultimate Green Smoothie*

3 stalks of Kale – organic
200mL coconut water
2 eggs – free range and organic
1/2 avocado – organic
1 small banana – organic

*[OPTIONAL: Eliminate the Eggs, for Vegan friendly]*

Blend until completely smooth, top with your favourite superfood, drink and enjoy.


Once again, for all booking enquiries, contact IMG Australia, and you can view Olivia’s portfolio here.


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