Warming Autumn Delights

Autumn leaves


It’s come to that time of year when the leaves start to turn beautiful yellows, oranges and reds. The crispness to the morning air gets cooler and cooler towards winter, and it’s harder to get up in the morning when it’s so warm in the comfort of the cosy doona and electric blanket.  It might not be getting much cooler where you are yet, but it’s on the way, and it’s definitely hit Sydney this weekend. When it comes to being a raw foodist in cooler months of the year, it means upping the warming medicinal teas, adding more nourishing spices to foods and for some, eating much more fats in the way of nut-rich dishes. Eating only living foods can be challenging for a lot of people even in the warm months, but eating only living foods does mostly tend to have a cooling effect on the body anyway (as Chinese Medicine conveys). Because of this it’s natural to want to consume more fats and warming foods when it’s cooler, but you can still be very much a raw foodie in winter. It’s natural to crave foods higher in fat content when it’s cold. It’s the body’s natural recognition to ‘stock up for the winter’ to keep the body insulated. I confess to not eating 100% raw in colder periods, but aim for around the 80% mark, as I do love some elements of cooked foods where the flavours are harder to achieve in living food cuisine. Things like slow roasted vegies, cooked warm quinoa, vegie bakes and lentil curries are things I enjoy once in a while, especially when the weather gets colder – always provided it’s unprocessed (wholefood), sugar and gluten free, and preferably organic! Even better if it’s locally sourced. I’m really not that hard to please! 🙂 High raw foods in my eating lifestyle is what I find my body thrives on. I believe we all need to find what ratio works best for our own health through trial and measure with foods, focusing on organic whole and living foods. It is possible to consciously replace poor food choices during cooler months with better quality ones. This message compelled me to  share with you just a couple of dishes I’ve made in the last couple of days that involve the warming spice factor, and nourishing fats I was talking about.

Spices are great for our metabolism and bring a lot of other healing elements our bodies. I thought I’d share a great graphic I found with a few facts about some common spices you may know.


Super Spices

 Infographic sourced from www.health-heaven.tumblr.com



Green-Coconut Chai


1 Young Coconut, water + flesh

1 + 1/2 Bananas

1 cup Spinach

2/3 cup Kale (Cavolo Nero)

1 tsp Cinnamon powder

1/4 tsp Nutmeg powder

1 whole Clove

1/4 tsp Cardamom powder

1 1/2 tsp Ginger power

2 big slices Ginger, Fresh

2 tsp Chlorella + Spirulina powders

3/4 tbsp each Lucuma + Maca powders

Extra water, as required to make 2 cups liquid

Blend in a high speed blender until a smooth + creamy liquid. Serve with a Cinnamon quill + a dusting of flaked coconut.


Rose Goji White Chocolates

White Chocolate with Goji & Rose

Similar to the Christmas dark chocolates, this version is a quite different in flavour.

You can find silicone mini cupcake moulds very inexpensive these days, even at a $2 shop, as I found these cuties at The Reject Shop for $4.

White chocolate just reminds me of childhood, and even though I always preferred dark, something prompted me one day play around with a wholefood & sugar free version. Guilt-free, fructose-free this one is, and nourishing enough to give the treaty goodness satisfaction in these cooler months.


4 tbsp Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut), melted

2 tbsp raw Cacao Butter, melted

1 tbsp Coconut Oil, melted

4 drops Medicine Flower ‘White Chocolate’ Essence (not that necessary)

4 drops Medicine Flower ‘Raspberry’ Essence (again, not that necessary)

8 drops Vanilla Stevia liquid

1 +1/2 tbsp Goji Berries, whole

1 tsp Rosewater

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and pour into moulds of your choice. Set in freezer for at least 30mins. Pop out of moulds and serve.

More options:

Instead of setting in moulds –

1. use as icing on your favourite cake, muffin or bliss balls

2. serve as white ‘Ice Magic’ on your ice cream/ ice dream

3. Dip strawberries or banana in it for a blow-your-mind fondue, or choc-dipped fruit

The creativity is endless!


Just a reminder:

“…you are the artist of your own life —

and can use as many colours and textures as possible

(and erase when necessary!)…” 
– Oprah

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