The Parfait Freak & Retreat

The parfait-layered-green-smoothie-pot-of-goodness girl is at it again with this summer delight!

Find the recipe below..

Special thanks to Vitamix for providing me with a machine for the past few months to make an unimaginable amount of creations for not just Raw Living Academy, but a new e-book I’m working on. So watch this space!!


Pinacolada Baobab Parfait

pinacolada parfait

Green Smoothie:

2 Frozen Bananas

1/2 one 2cm round slice Pineapple

2 cups Coconut Water

1 heaped tbsp Baobab Powder (Rawesome Foods)

2 heaped big handfuls Baby Kale leaves

1 dsp Chlorella Powder

2cm piece Aloe Vera / or 2 tbsp juice


Coconut Yoghurt:

Flesh from 2 Young Coconuts (about 2 1/2 cups)

1 Lemon, juice only

1 dsp Probiotic Powder

4 drops Sweetleaf Vanilla Stevia

1/4 cup water, as needed to gain thick but smooth yoghurt consistency


Layer with Banana in a glass or jar starting with 3 tbsp yoghurt in the bottom, then banana, smoothie etc.

Finish with something in a contrasting colour on top to add visual appeal – I used strawberry, but an edible flower would work too.


Some Weekend Wisdom:

Time for reflection

“This is your moment

Don’t give it away

Take action

Listen to yourself

Feel the moment

Know your answer

Take a chance on you”


Courtesy of Louise Andersen’s ‘I am I’ Guidance Cards


retreat jpg

At Raw Living Academy we’re holding


Are you committed to listening to your
body’s wisdom for the greatest
health in your life?

Join us on 24-26th October
for the transformation. 


Luxury Single, Double or Triple Occupancy Room of Your Choice

100% Organic Plant Based Superfood Meals: Raw & Vegan Options

Morning Meditation/Yoga with Maryanne Edwards

Daily Plant Based Cuisine Demos, Recipes and Kitchen Playtime with Hannah & Jeevi

Drumming Circle with Athill Singh

Laughter Yoga with Jeevi

Huge Take-Home Manual of Recipes and Info

Goodie Bag

Tranquil Nature Setting & Plenty of Relax Time​

Limited places left,
so to read more and secure your
weekend experience, click here.
Or visit:
Our Retreats Page here


$25.00 of EVERY ticket sold goes straight to Water4Nepal Charity,

to put towards installing a clean water pump in a remote village in Nepal.  


The Laughing Chef and I are really excited to

share the weekend with you!

RLA Final Long SM web



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