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Last week I spoke at an event. It seems that I could be breaking into more of these roles soon! So Hannah Ubl – Public Speaker is legit.

Who would have thought this introverted girl would dive into this!

(I got good at pretending to be extroverted for career choice, but it’s not naturally where I reside).

The theme of the event was The Power of Healing – An Inner Journey to Self-Love. It was run by a fantastic Sydney based company called The Global Healing Exchange. If you haven’t heard of them already, you need to look them up as they are an amazing resource for all things healing and awareness. Thank you Sharon for asking me to be involved, and so look forward to collaborating again in future.

They have a really awesome free E-book out titled 65 Health & Wellness Tips which I’m proud to be a part of.

Grab yours today – You can download that here!

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I wrote a speech beforehand but just spoke intuitively instead and didn’t cover all the points I felt I wanted to on this subject so really wanted to share my very open ‘rant’ with you all so maybe you can understand a bit more about me, or reflect on some things in your own life.

So here goes….

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What is health?

The dictionary describes it as being free of illness or injury, as well as describing a person’s mental or physical condition.

With that in mind I’d like to start by telling you a bit about myself and my journey to self-love, and then lead onto some recommendations (take them or leave them), that I hope will empower your lives as they have mine.

I come from a very supportive, loving family who always encourage me to do what inspires me. I was always a little lost and very insecure as a kid within myself and dreams for life and that grew greater as I progressed into my teenager years with the influence of magazines and popular culture. Being always creative, I studied fashion though chose to pursue modeling as too many people around me began to mention it more and more often as I continued to grow taller and taller with my lanky, slender shape. 

So it’s been a career of about 10 years now, give or take a break here and there which took me travelling to different parts of Australia and the world like London, Singapore and Beijing. The industry taught me very quickly how to become thick skinned and reflect most of the knock backs and harsh comments I was subject to daily. China, would you believe was the worst for criticizing.

Being amongst a cut-throat and fast paced industry, modeling was very rewarding as it also taught me a lot about myself because it took me on a conscious journey into spirituality, weightloss and an intuitive, mostly raw and wholefood vegan lifestyle – which I’ll touch on in a moment.

As a model you are a product and have to be certain measurements always and be ‘model-ready’ on call ready at any given time. As humans our weight can fluctuate all the time, especially as women, and when girls go on contract to different countries, they are bound by contract to always be those measurements. Asia, particularly China and Korea are the worst for this as they have measuring days and if you are over those measurements even by 1cm you’re deemed ‘fat’ and they could either send you home and make you pay your expenses, or take your passport and dock your pocket money so you can’t eat, or go home.

These girls most often don’t have any money to their name, so it’s a tricky situation. Fortunately this didn’t happen to me.

Since 2010 I chose a lifestyle – not a diet – high in raw wholefoods, to help nourish my body and keep me strong whilst maintaining my measurements for my product. I lost 12kg in the first 3 months of transitioning as I was exercising 5 days per week as well.

It became a passion to look after myself and this was a way for me to begin the self-love journey.

So having the knowledge that I did, when I went away on contracts I saw some pretty unsustainable dietary issues from some of my housemates and temporary friends in terms of poor or no nutrition . This slowly taught me about our relationship with food, ourselves and our emotions. There is a strong link between our negative, surpressed emotions and they WAY we eat and where we store fat in the body. Very interesting when you start looking and doing some inner emotional work on ourselves. What we put in is an important one, definitely, and in life there’s many other areas that need to be covered too in terms of overall health.

My home life up until two years ago was very unhappy. I chose to stay for 8 years in a very toxic relationship which I helped to create, and in turn made myself very sick. I drove myself into adrenal fatigue and at my final breaking point, hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in two years. Big warning sign there’s too much going on when your body shuts down one whole system in your body. I was eating a strict diet of 80-90% raw wholefoods (though I didn’t see it as STRICT) and nourishing my body in all aspects nutritionally (allowing the self-love to creep in), but the emotional stresses I was allowing myself to be put under were too great. I have to confess in those years to having been an emotional eater on some days, steering toward very calorie rich foods like dates, nut butters and raw desserts. I had a massive mental and physical turning point after breaking away from that relationship. As I already had the food part down, when I eliminated the main stressors in my life, I began really actively showing myself love through affirmations, making me time, meditation and self-care. This was when things really began to unfold for me. You’ll be pleased to know that after 1 month of beginning this intensive healing journey, my body was making the movements to bring on my menstruation again. Important thing if I’m going to have kids one day! I realised that modelling really wasn’t serving my happiness or my true purpose and delved deeper into emotional development and refining my foodie skills. I model less and less now (if at all) and love doing daily what inspires and sets me alight which is making nourishing, nutritious living food, being a raw food chef, and teaching people how to do the same. I run cooking classes and retreats through a company I co-founded this year, Raw Living Academy. If you haven’t seen what we do already, check us out here or on Facebook here. We just ran a beautiful retreat the other weekend on the Central Coast, in NSW which was beyond amazing and have some big plans for 2015. 

awaba rawlivingacademy

For those of you inexperienced with Raw Food Cuisine, this is what I mean when I mention it. “Raw Food” is a way of eating that promotes life and health in your body covering the full range of plant-based food groups that there are. Fresh fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, grasses, seaweeds, algaes, fungi, fermented foods, medicinal herbs, superfoods, and gluten-free grains aren’t heated above 40-46 degrees celsius. Foods can be eaten warmed, so don’t always have to be ‘cooling’ on the body. There is a large focus on plant-foods that come from the sun (fresh and as close to living or still living), and eating less of ones that are more darkness foods (processed, dried or packaged foods). It’s important to eat a wide variety covering most if not all those food groups listed above. Making it a lifestyle choice to include more of this style of eating in your ‘diet’ (even though I try not to use the word where possible), creates a more grounded, caring soul within you. A deeper connection to nature and the world around you including your connection with other people and animals. Very spiritual people, and yogis enjoy eating more of this food as it not only makes them feel better but increases their intuitive properties and aids in psychic abilities (third-eye connection). Not just them but some athletes, and anyone that wants to feed their body pure nutrition and feel greater within themselves.


Moving on, I’m sure you have an understanding that there’s a dimension that goes beyond what this eye can see. A hidden architecture to the universe with unseen forces that guide us and we tend to know very little about. I encourage you to dive deeper into understanding it and accepting and loving yourself for who you are and what you want in life. It’s important to remember we always have a choice, even when sometimes it may seem tricky to see. A choice to be happy and filled with gratitude, a choice to do what we want to do, a choice to eat more nutritious, healthful snacks or meals that will lengthen our lifespan and free us of dis-ease, etc etc. Most often that not we are our own brick wall. Our own harsh internal dialogue can be the most detrimental aspect to our health, even if you have the nutrition part covered. I want to push you to ask your body more questions because it knows the answers. Especially in the stillness of the mind (the NO-mind), there you’ll already know the answers. I’m aware we are all on different paths to learn different lessons at any given time to progress us further to growing our awareness and consciousness.

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Our bodies are incredible self-healing mechanisms so love yourself through making time for you daily, nurture yourself through nutrition and the right fuel, eliminate the stress from your life (as much as you can in your current situation), and surround yourself with loving relationships. Be true to yourself.

Once you do that you’re nothing but a shining beacon of light that inspires others and attracts what you ‘DO’ want in life.

Whether you find yourselves in a conscious lifestyle of healthy eating, or ‘leaning into’ a more healthy way of eating, try grounding the way you eat in mindful, natural, nutritious and spiritual principles, and most of all self-love. Because a lot of us know what we should be eating/ doing, but ignore it.

Positive “Food” for thought:

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  1. Helen Ubl says:

    Very well written, I am so proud of you my darling

    Love mum xx


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