Most Powerful + Empowering Affirmations

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We all have battle scars and trauma in our lives which can dampen the spirit at times, and hinder us useless or locked away on our own to process these events. We all heal at our own speed, though I’ve found that in my darkest moments, consciously switching my thoughts to more empowering, uplifting ones is a dynamic way of persuading my thought pattern to gear me in a brighter direction. I was drawn to this about 8 years ago from books that I’d read, and many speakers that I’ve watched since, validate this.

No doubt you’ve heard about the use of affirmations by now, or been touched by it somewhere – we’ve all watched Oprah and heard of Tony Robbins. This has been around for a very long time, hitting the mainstream a little more now, but greatly since the late 60s.

As a model this was an important part of running my business, and keeping my mind focused. In 2012 I went through a huge downward spiral from a breakup, and had to still work day to day as a model. I pretended to be bright and shiny even though I was depressed on the inside and wanted to just run away and lock myself inside all day. In that time, Miranda Kerr’s first book Treasure Yourself, I relied on daily for the whole second half is affirmations. This book honestly saved me. Others may have a similar story with Louise L. Hay’s affirmation card decks, or some other form of similar.

This practice of daily reading or writing them has been a really life changing tool in my journey of life thus far, and I wanted to share with you the importance of it, because if you’re not using it now, maybe you might like to give it a try.

These are sentences that should give you a good feeling when you say them to yourself quietly or silently. I encourage you to make a positive list for yourself and read it each morning. If that’s the first thing you look at instead of your phone first thing, 9/10 you’ll have a different style of day ahead. Also useful for mid-/ post-meltdown and during times of struggle.

I’ve put together some of my favourites below as an example.

  • I am enough as I am
  • I create the best version of me now 
  • My past doesn’t define me
  • I allow my life to unfold as it’s meant to, free from attachment to outcome
  • I am always taken care of
  • I choose to be open to new solutions
  • I am safe and protected at all times
  • I meaningfully nourish my body and mind, and am gifted with a long, meaningful life
  • I love my body
  • I love my life
  • I surround myself with inspiring and supportive people
  • I am present in the NOW
  • I accept all forms of abundance the universe has to offer me, and my life is rich
  • I approach all others from a place of love, compassion and respect
  • I let go of all fear-based thoughts
  • I am kind to myself
  • I am perfect just the way I am

Feel free to comment below with any others that are powerful for you.

*If you suffer from a mental illness, I recommend you speak with a professional about using these, though many health professionals will recommend these as a gentle tool, have a chat with them and see if they think it will help your present situation.

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