About Hannah

No Makeup – Straight-up Everyday Han

Hannah grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. From a young age she was exposed to a wealth of food knowledge and cookery from her mum. She’s long had a passion for gourmet food, and creative presentation. After a few milestones, Hannah’s thirst for knowledge in food was sparked and thus her eyes were opened to an empowering way of life.  Now she has a career in food she never thought was possible creating new and exciting whole-food, plant-based dishes to nourish the body.

She was a fashion model for about eight years, and her career took her travelling to live in overseas markets such as London, UK, Singapore and Beijing, China. Her career finished in 2014 but she had a long list of clients including Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior – most of which she walked the runway for.  Due to her height, naturally slender build and strong runway presence, Hannah was usually booked for lots of catwalk shows. She’s had editorials in magazines such as Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Cleo, and Madison, and she also worked on the entire Season 3 of TV show, Project Runway Australia, where she was the winning model in 2011.

Travelling to many other countries and being exposed to different cultures, and foods always inspires her. It was in London, in 2008, where she met a couple of people who opened her eyes to Raw Food Cuisine and plant-based whole foods in a greater sense. From there she was hooked on making a lifestyle around it.

Everyone knows as a model, your body is your business. She has seen first-hand many pretty horrifying, unsustainable dietary issues. Her view on body image is “Focus on your health and do the best with what you were given”. Over the past 6 years she’s adopted a plant-based way of eating, with regular cleansing. An eating lifestyle consisting of 80-95% uncooked whole, plant foods – Living Foods, daily Green Smoothies, and a focus on a wide variety of food groups. She’s found that teaming this with a regular exercise regime and yoga works best for her, and can’t rave about the benefits enough. Going from being overweight to underweight, and recovering from severe Adrenal Fatigue, Hannah knows that eating a diet of fresh, unprocessed, organic, whole living foods, has helped her body and mind not only heal but remain strong and healthy, but thrive whilst being in demand. It’s been a journey of looking within, listening to her intuition and discovering self-love.

Hannah wears many hats. After working as a Raw Food Chef for 2 years menu developing and specialising in raw desserts in the kitchen for Orchard St, she then worked as Cafe Manager at one of their renowned, plant-based, naturopathic Elixir Bars, being an alchemist everyday. In 2016 Hannah gained a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition, and regularly speaks to groups about the benefits of plant-based foods and mindful eating. As part of Light of Wellness with her sister, she teaches fermentation classes and mindfulness workshops. Hannah has done lots of catering and cooking for Yoga Retreats, an environment she loves. Hannah is a Reiki Master practicing healing which incorporates spiritual coaching and meditation for clients.

Having been based in Sydney for 4.5 years working busy schedules, Hannah has moved to Vanuatu to do some volunteer work in the community development space. She will be back in Australia soon, but in the meantime fills her days working with the local cooks and chefs inspiring creativity and encouraging the importance of local food culture and sustainable food in Vanuatu, as well as helping to develop farm-to-table type tours for the Tourism market.

Meditation, yoga, reiki and time alone in nature are what she believes the most valuable tools for maintaining her work-life balance in Sydney and life in Vanuatu – it can be very busy there too (who would have thought on a beautiful tropical, Pacific island!). Look out for island updates on her Instagram.