About Hannah

No Makeup – Straight-up Everyday Han

Hey! I’m Hannah. I’ve always been inspired by food, different cuisines and obscure ingredients, though I wear many hats.

Here’s a bit about me…

I worked in the health space for about 5 years, though I setup this blog in 2010 when I became a disciplined Raw Foodist and worked as a Fashion Model. It was a means to share my journey and inspire others to take a step closer to greater health via plant foods by sharing recipes.  Everyone knows as a model, ‘your body is your business’, so this was an investment for my business, and ultimately my longevity. While travelling and modelling on contracts overseas, I saw first-hand many pretty horrifying, unsustainable dietary issues among colleagues, which helped in changing my view on body image and looking after my health. For 7 years I adopted a plant-based way of eating, with regular cleansing. An eating lifestyle consisting of 80-95% uncooked whole, plant foods – Living Foods, daily Green Smoothies, and a focus on a wide variety of plant-based food groups. I found that teaming this with a regular exercise regime and yoga worked best for me. Going from being overweight to underweight, and recovering from severe Adrenal Fatigue, and nervous breakdowns, I know that eating a diet of fresh, unprocessed, organic, whole living foods, has helped my body and mind not only heal but remain strong and healthy, and thrive whilst being in demand. I’ve seen it happen! Alongside it, it’s been a long journey to self-awareness, looking within, listening to my intuition, discovering self-love as well as Reiki, and shifting my relationship with food and my own body image. So in 2014 I quit life as a model, and went internal, focused on doing what felt right, and that was working more around healing, living foods and Reiki.  

From 2014, I worked as a Raw Food Chef for 2 years menu developing and specialising in raw desserts in the kitchen for Orchard St. I then moved to Cafe Manager at one of their renowned, plant-based, naturopathic Elixir Bars, being an alchemist everyday making divine, healthy, drinks and tonics. I co-created a cooking class business with a friend, Raw Living Academy, and spoke to many groups about the benefits of plant-based foods and mindful eating through cooking workshops and retreats. After gaining a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition in 2016 this aided my knowledge to share with groups, especially as part of Light of Wellness with my gorgeous sister. We taught fermentation classes and mindfulness workshops involving self development, meditation, sound healing and energy healing. I’ve done lots of catering and cooking for Yoga Retreats as well, an environment I love. As a Reiki Master, I had a steady healing practice in Sydney, providing deep emotional work, energy adjustments (people and houses), spiritual coaching and guided meditation for clients.

After working busy schedules in Sydney for 4.5 years, in 2017 I moved to Vanuatu for a year or so to do some volunteer work in the community development space. My days were filled working as a government tourism officer working with the local cooks and chefs inspiring creativity and encouraging the importance of local food culture and sustainable food in Vanuatu. As well as this, I was helping to develop farm-to-table type tours for the Tourism market. I loved tropical island life, though it did challenge me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  

In life I feel our health (in all aspects of that word) should be a focus, and doing the best with what shape and features of a ‘meatsuit’ you were given in this realm we call life on Earth. Be the best version of you, because you are beautiful just as you are and you don’t need to be validated by anyone.

Meditation, yoga, Reiki and its principles, whole plant foods/ plant medicines, and time alone in nature are my most valuable tools maintaining work-life balance, and a general health. 

I hope you find some insights here and wish you well in your journey. 

Hannah   xx