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Staying Fit While Travelling

Whether you’re away on holidays or on an overseas contract and away from your daily routine at home, keeping fit is super important – for your longevity/health and also your ‘business’. Sometimes you might be placed somewhere there is no gym, and travelling light, so a yoga mat, weights or pilates bands might not be available. Here is an easy routine by my girl Olivia Arezzolo (International Model and recognised Personal Trainer) for staying fit and looking your optimum whilst you’re away, or all your have/ want is just you and no other tools.

Fierce 10 Minute Full Body Workout

See the rest of the workout here.

Find heaps more FREE workouts on Olivia’s site here.


Model’s Sample Size Issue + Staying in the Industry

Don’t you find it interesting that in previous decades, i.e. before the 1990s, that the modeling industry adapted to the needs of the consumer from decade to decade?

Since the 90s and the waif-like model boom, many say originating from a very young Kate Moss, this tiny physique has stuck. Officials say it’s been long overdue for a change, with the average size of consumers getting bigger and bigger, and model’s sizes getting smaller and smaller. The sizing standards have created body image/ health issues among teens, young adults and the models themselves to get higher and higher.

It happened in the 90s to Tyra Banks whom was an extremely well paid, full-time model and a huge name on catwalks. With the rise of the very skinny physique, she started getting less and less work in high fashion, and resorted to having to change her direction to swimwear. In doing so built a successful career for herself. She achieved such things as becoming the first African-American model to make to front cover of Sports Illustrated and was also picked up around the same time by Victoria’s Secret, where she became one of their esteemed Angels.

Still, there are signs of change. Now, there is size 12 models on even the best agency books around the world. Not many girls but at least two in each collective. Even a few whole agencies devoted to ‘plus’ size models. We’re seeing a slow movement, though it will take a long time for there to be any drastic change. Fashion houses are still obsessed with ‘size zero’ models for runway.

Measurements for size 0 are:
Bust: 31-2”, Waist: 23.5-24.5”, Hips: 33-34.5.

That’s seriously small! Extremely rarely is there a young adult over 17 could possibly be that size without some form of unhealthy aid. Most young women/ girls would fit that up to age 15 max, but then our female bodies start to change.
Designer Zac Posen spoke in a panel talk in February 2010, as part of the CFDA’s Health Initiative (Council of Fashion Designers of America) of the stresses on designers themselves. He explained that designers are under pressure to conform to the norms of the industry, and they often look to magazines to define the zeitgeist. “I am often challenged, you know, by what is cool. And that usually comes down to the image makers, and that usually comes down to the new youth of the time”, Posen stated, as it truly is an industry now, and especially in the past 5-10 years, surrounded by the central point of very, very young models. Girls of ages between 13 – 17 years are who are mainly used for runway.

In saying that though, it’s been said that all it takes is a really hot model and the designers are happy to completely remake an outfit for the runway (cut it bigger), just to have that model wear it for their show.  This has been seen on many occasions with Dutch models in the international market, Lara Stone (size 4 US), Doutzen Kroes (size 4-6 US) and a few others. For these models to have a prosperous and full-time career for catwalk, it’s just plain fact, they would need to either gain the respect and love from all the high-end designers (an extremely hard feat considering the pressure on designers to uphold standards), or lose weight, otherwise they just won’t get the work. Lara is in high demand at the moment, and Doutzen gave up on runway to join forces with Victoria Secret, and also L’Oreal – big brands with little influence on the body image portrayed in magazines and on the runway.

A similar thing with Australian model Megan Gale who was told by most agents and clients in her own country, ‘you need to lose weight’. So she moved to Italy and marketed herself there, and became a superstar. They loved her curves. Coming back to Australia, having gained the recognition internationally, has built a successful brand for herself.

So, in a way girls, it’s a matter of finding the right market, and the right connections.

If you’re a newby starting in the industry, the most important thing I can suggest is a plentiful eating lifestyle of a vast variety of fresh fruit and veg, and stick to your own personal healthy weight range, never less, and be extremely confident and comfortable in your own skin – love what you were given. It is a rare case to come across that one contact that will push you into the Top 20 in a very short space of time – but this can happen. It’s most likely that you will have to work your way there for many, many, many years with a number of overseas contracts. As an Australian model, you must travel overseas to gain the worldly experience that comes with overseas contracts (Asia is very accessible, and you learn quickly, but be careful). Working overseas will give you the instant credibility in Australia to gain some success there (Australia is fickle that way). Having the perseverance to stay in the industry a long time takes courage, an extremely strong will, supportive network around you, and a fierce business ethic. It’s difficult, but there are lots of models that have done it.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane Priestley says:

    I agree, I adore curves. That’s the way us women are made! And that’s really how red-blooded men like their women too!

  2. Emma says:

    Very true! Well written Han!

  3. sagemoon2 says:

    I agree that we are women need to love us as we are. Marilyn Monroe, the sex kitten of the 50s-60s was a size 14-16, full figured woman. Then came along Twiggy and down hill went ‘the curves” creating bulemia/anorexic women – as if society needed any more diagnoses to manage. Be healthy is good and so excess weight is not, however, find your comfort zone and make her the dream girl you know you can be!

  4. myinsolence says:

    i think it would be great to have models of all sizes on the runway…however, some people are just genetically engineered small (im 5’9.5 and am naturally 105 ish, trying to gain a bit of weight, I model and am considered skinny among models ://) so having 32-23-33 can be normal for some people…-and I’m not 17. H/e I would kill to look like Doutzen or Lara, they have the best bodies imo

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