See what others are saying about me…


“I have had the pleasure of representing Hannah at WINK Models for over 5 years now. 
She is not only gorgeous, but hardworking, reliable and always goes above and beyond 
for our clients. We frequently have clients go out of their way to feedback about 
how impressed they are with Hannah, and her commitment to delivering great results 
for their campaigns. Hannah’s beauty is far more than skin deep, and her commitment to 
a healthy lifestyle and personal growth is truly inspiring. I’ve been proud to see Hannah 
grow and have no doubt she will only continue to go from strength to strength!”

~ Taryn Williams of WINK Models & Talent

“Hannah’s confidence in front of a camera stems from a deep respect for her body and soul,  you can tell that she understands how important it is to nourish yourself from a cellular level.   It’s refreshing and inspiring to meet a model that is so passionate about nutrition –  it takes a certain level of maturity to understand that we literally are what we eat  so if your body is your business it has to be fuelled by vibrant, living foods. “
~ Maryanne Edwards of Wonders Cease, & Organically Wealthy


“Gorgeous both outside and more importantly, inside! She is so professional.  I had such a fun week working with her and learned quite a bit about food.  How funny from a model. I quite enjoyed the green smoothies in the morning!”
~ Amber Cromback – MUA/Hair Stylist 


“Great to have worked with and have met such a down to earth model like Hannah.  She’s a professional without question, and her attitude to her day in  day out life is consistent to the point of people dropping their jaws not only at her looks,  but at her personality.”
~ Marcus Lim of Photomarcs Photography & Design

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